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Now Offering Rabbit Spay & Neuter Surgery

Now Offering Rabbit Spay & Neuter Surgery
June 6, 2023

Riverside Animal Hospital is now offering Rabbit Spay and Neuter Surgery

After much training, Dr.Gilmore and Technician Megan are thrilled to add this new service in addition to the existing husbandry and sick visits we currently have.

Here are a few critical benefits of spaying or neutering your rabbit.

  • The risk of reproductive cancers (ovarian, uterine, mammarian) is virtually eliminated by spaying your female rabbit. 60% of unspayed female rabbits over four years old get uterine cancer.
  • After surgery, rabbits are less prone to destructive (chewing, digging) and aggressive (biting, lunging, circling, growling) behavior.
  • Unneutered male rabbits spray

For more  information on rabbit spay and neuter surgery, please visit: www.rabbit.org/care/spaying-neutering/